You Are Enough...A Mantra Worth Discovering

When you hear someone tell you "You Are Enough" chances are your face brightens with a smile, your shoulders lift and you feel it is truth. If you aren't bothered through out the day with any mishaps, struggles or stresses, that good feeling may last for a few hours. Then you might be ready for a kind soul to remind you once again that you *are* in fact enough.

What about those days when those good and kind souls that are ambassadors of encouragement aren't around? Where do you get the bolster of encouragement then?


Hearing YOU ARE ENOUGH is so beautiful. Telling Yourself I AM ENOUGH is beautiful AND powerful.

Having a mantra or an affirmation that you can claim is a gift to ourself. But what exactly is a mantra or affirmation?  A mantra can be a word, or sound or phrase (like an affirmation) that helps you in times of meditation. Mantra translates to mean "tools of thought." A mantra can be a simple word, such as enough or an affirming phrase such as I am enough. It can also be a sound such as LAM, which is associated with chakra 1, your root chakra. If chakras and chanting seem a bit far ahead of where you are, let's start the journey with a short affirmation.

The purposes of the affirmation mantra is to consider and manifest. What we think about, we bring about. You have the power to change your thoughts, you can give yourself something positive and beautiful to align with...

Empower yourself and choose your own affirmation or mantra. You can begin by looking over those below. Does something speak to you? When you read the affirmation are you drawn to it? In short, is it making you feel goodness?

We have prepared a downloadable PDF for you as an aid to discovering your best self. Save it. Print it. Share it. It includes encouragement cards you can tuck away, or that may inspire you to create your own. 

Don't just share it with others though, share it with yourself!

Remember the amazing feeling when someone shares and encouraging word. Hearing YOU ARE ENOUGH is so beautiful. Telling Yourself I AM ENOUGH is beautiful AND powerful. It is the power of You helping Yourself move towards better, moving towards an inner strength and  peace. So when the good vibe starts to fade after a jarring moment in your day, YOU have the ability to reconnect yourself to truth and encouragement. I AM ENOUGH.

Consider what we offer to share with you, but add your own ideas to the list--- or better yet TALK WITH US IN THE COMMENTS!

Still stumped? Reach out to a trusted friend and ask them to work on this alongside you.

∞ take time this week to consider what speaks to you, then join us back here as we walk through meditating on your affirmations ∞

Your free pdf is here ---print it and cut out the encouragement messages to tuck away for yourself or someone else