New Year... At The End Of November

As the years go by, the understanding of being intentional seems to become more pronounced. And with that understanding comes the freedom of not waiting until January 1st, Whatever the Year to embrace a fresh start.

Today is November 30th, 2016. 

A fresh start can happen right now...

but maybe finish this blog post first?

The possibilities of a clean slate is a gift we can receive daily. And one we can share daily as well.

What is key to seizing the opportunity daily for a fresh start and not waiting for a January 1st to become the moment of our liberation? 

S T A R T  N O W

S T A R T  S M A L L 

S T A R T   P A Y I N G   A T T E N T I O N

Start with the now. We really do have the power to choose this moment for a fresh start. We can determine that an old habit that is not helping us should give way to a new practice that does. Perhaps instead of thinking we must replace bad habits, we simply modify one that has become stale, or no longer presents an opportunity for growth. We can make it our goal to start today to shift things a bit to make space for the better! 

Start with the small. Have you ever heard the question: How do you eat an elephant? The answer: One bite at a time. (Let's avoid eating any sweet elephants, but accept the strategy and wisdom in the Q & A)  We may not be able to run the marathon today, or even in a few months. The choice is to move towards that goal. The process starts with small, manageable bites. The marathon will need to wait until the training supports the goal...and the training is meant to build us to a stronger place--not injure us or prevent us from racing. Wouldn't it be wiser, more satisfying and ultimately more beneficial for a few miles to be logged? Maybe walking first, then jogging, then running? SMALL IS POWERFUL. Small can also be a lot of work.

Start with paying attention. Ever notice when you have a deadline, each second of the last minute ticks away as someone clanging a gong? Or when you have a pebble in your shoe, each step you either feel the annoyance or you are expecting to feel it? Not the most cheerful of examples.

Paying attention works in the positive too! Ever had someone call in the morning to make dinner plans, only to chuckle later that afternoon when 2 other friends call out of the blue to ask if you can get together on the same day...

Or when the delicious coffee doesn't spill when you are running out the door, the primo parking spot opens, your boss admires the work you turned in, the mail you pick up after work has an unexpected greeting card and you get the night off from washing dishes! You fall asleep saying to yourself "What an amazing day!"  

...You never noticed the elevator was broken and you had to take the stairs,

...or that it rained most of the afternoon

...or that the driver in front of you didn't use his turning signal.

You were paying attention the whole day...but you were paying attention to all the amazing things it has to offer.

Choosing a new route should not be misunderstood or mislabeled. WE choose change. Our circumstances, our people groups, our environment hasn't made that choice. Those very real factors haven't begun the shift yet. Only we have begun. Getting all the pieces together doesn't happen all at once.  Our expectations have to bear that in mind. First we choose the change and then... Well, those ideas will be for future posts, so hang in there Friend!

Unpacking these concepts will be a journey that will be best enjoyed together. Don't you think?

To help us prepare for the next part in this blog series, take a moment and share below what you would like to be more intentional about.  

Take time to share good vibes you have discovered here! There are plenty of people all over that need to be encouraged, and YOU can do that by sharing & commenting.